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Presentation of MuseIT project

MuseIT is a European project,

gathering academic researchers, 

cultural and tech professionals,

from different countries in Europe.

MuseIT project wants
to make culture accessible 

and enjoyable for everyone,

including those with disabilities. 


Because we noticed that 

it is difficult for people with disabilities

to participate in cultural actions

on a equal basis. 


With our MuseIT project 

we are on a mission to fix this! 


MuseIT does research 

and creates methods

technologies and tools

to facilitate access to art works, 

heritage, literature and music-making.

It also helps to preserve cultural heritage 

in an inclusive way.


We like to involve users 

including those with disabilities

in participatory workshops and activities, 

so we can create technologies

that will improve their experience

with culture.


If you are interested 

to know more about MuseIT

you can write us

on this email address:

Come participate,

test our technologies and tools,

or give your opinion 

by registering here:


MuseIT’s challenges: 


First challenge:
We want to make 

cultural objects
more accessible to people
with functional or sensory impairments,

such as paintings, photography

and heritage sites. 


In our virtual exhibition, 

you will be able to experience
cultural objects
in a multisensory way,
which means through several senses: 

By sight
with images, videos and texts

By hearing
with sounds, music 

and audio descriptions.
By touch and body sensations
with haptic technologies. 


Second challenge:
We want to allow people

with different physical

or perceptual abilities,

to create music,

thanks to new technologies.

Regardless of disabilities,

people could use
different instruments,

with different body members,
such as eyes, fingers or mouth.
They could create music
alone or with a group,

at home or on site.


Third challenge :

We want to create 

an inclusive repository
in which we can store
cultural heritage and assets

transformed in an inclusive form,

such as multisensory objects.
Such a database does not yet exist.


Final goal 

of the MuseIT project:


We want to build a web platform,

which will gather

everything we have developed 

during the project.

This platform could be accessed 

by cultural organizations

and researchers.
They can re-use our work
and offer our services

to all people interested in culture,

regardless of disabilities. 

a way, plan, or procedure
for doing something


new scientific devices or tools

Cultural heritage: 

a collection of important assets
of a culture
that are preserved
through societal memory,
such as songs, ancient buildings,
paintings, pictures,
but also traditions and food

An impairment prevents someone
from doing something,
it gives a loss
of function or ability

Something can be experienced
through several senses
such as touch, sight, hearing, taste, or smell

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