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4th MuseIT Consortium Meeting in Scotland!

The 4th MuseIT consortium meeting was held from 24 to 26 April in Scotland.

It opened with an engaging participatory workshop taking place at St. Cecilia's Hall in Edinburgh. This event was aiming to explore the intersection of music, technology, and emotional recognition to develop MuseIT 2nd use-case. If you want to learn more on it, you can read our blogpost!

The two next days were devoted to the consortium meeting and take place in Traquair House, near to Edinburgh. It was an opportunity to take stock of the progress made so far, but also, and above all, to define the next stages of the project. The partners are currently working on the two MuseIT use cases, and discussions have been held on the key aspects of the MuseIT project.

Let's find out what's been achieved!

The 1st use-case was the subject of the first day of the meeting, and consists of the creation of an accessible and inclusive virtual exhibition. The aim is to make cultural objects and heritage more immersive and inclusive, through multimodal and multisensory representations and alternative expressions. The first version of the MuseIT virtual exhibition was presented in video to the consortium by CERTH, followed by discussions on design plans, accessibility issues, and haptic integration.

The 2nd use-case consists in the creation of an inclusive and remote co-creation service for digital multimodal cultural goods. In other words, this digital system gives people the opportunity to make music, but in a more accessible, flexible and immersive way. During the meeting, the introduction of the haptic dimension was also discussed, as well as the use of AI for music generation, for example.

Discussions between the partners during the meeting streamlined architecture and integration plans of the different technologies! MuseIT’s final goal is to build a web platform pilot which will serve as a hub for all the methodologies and technologies developed during the project. 

Also, we are already halfway through the project, and the progress we're making means we can now look ahead to sharing the results and the final event. A lot of ideas have emerged from the discussions and some interesting things are on the way!

If you'd like to try out the tools, discuss and exchange views on the major issues key points of the project... keep up to date and don't miss out on future events by subscribing to the newsletter!


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