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MuseIT Title

Multisensory, User-centred, Shared cultural Experiences through Interactive Technologies
2022 - 2025

The MuseIT Project started on October first, 2022. With the broader ambition of equality, democratisation and social inclusion, MuseIT proposes technologies that facilitate and widen access to cultural assets, and helps preserve and safeguard cultural heritage in an inclusive way.

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MuseIT aims to co-design, develop, and co-evaluate a multisensory, user-centred platform for enriched engagement with cultural assets with inclusion and equal opportunity for all as core principles.


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The MuseIT project is aimed at a wide range of people, groups concerned with disability, as well as cultural institutions. The technologies developed within the project aim to improve the inclusion and accessibility of cultural assets for all, with a particular focus on the needs of people with disabilities.



The project will adopt a user-centric participatory approach co-design, and develop technologies in collaboration with and for users with varying perceptual modalities and abilities.



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