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[News] Fostering Innovation and Collaboration: Recap of MuseIT Workshop in Cyprus

Updated: Jul 1

On the 20th of October, the beautiful setting of the CVAR - Severis Foundation in Cyprus became the hub of vibrant discussions, innovative demonstrations, and a collaborative spirit at the MuseIT workshop.

The event, aimed to create a platform for fostering collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing to enhance access to cultural assets and preserve cultural heritage inclusively. Here follows a comprehensive overview of the engaging event that brought together minds passionate about cultural preservation.

The workshop commenced with a warm welcome, introducing attendees to the MuseIT project. It outlined the project's objectives and goals, setting the stage for a day filled with exploration and collaboration. One of the most important highlights was the showcase of the haptic solutions developed by MuseIT. Attendees were treated to a fascinating demonstration, supported by demo videos showcasing the innovative solutions curated by the project. Representatives from various institutions then shared their strategies for making museums more inclusive.

The presentations were followed by open discussions, providing a platform for valuable exchange of ideas and experiences. The event delved deeper with breakout sessions for focused group discussions, where participants actively engaged in these sessions, offering insights and feedback that were crucial for the project's progress.


The workshop not only showcased the innovations within the MuseIT project but also served as a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, allowing participants to witness firsthand the transformative potential of haptic solutions in preserving cultural heritage and making it more accessible.

The focus on inclusivity within museums and cultural institutions was a key aspect that resonated with the attendees. Learning about various strategies and efforts to make these spaces more welcoming and accessible to diverse audiences opened up avenues for collaboration and learning. The data collected from the focus group discussions served as a treasure trove of insights and feedback. These inputs will play a pivotal role in shaping the future direction of the MuseIT project, ensuring that it remains aligned with the needs and expectations of cultural heritage enthusiasts and experts.

Future steps

The workshop's success lies not just in the knowledge shared and innovations displayed, but in the connections formed and collaborations initiated. As the MuseIT project moves forward, the rich discussions and insights gained during the workshop will continue to drive its momentum, steering it toward more innovative and inclusive pathways.

The event's success at the CVAR – Severis Foundation in Cyprus illustrates how important collaboration, innovation and the sharing of knowledge are in preserving and safeguarding our rich cultural heritage. It also reiterates the significance of inclusivity in making cultural assets accessible to a broader audience. As we bid farewell to this engaging workshop, the echoes of shared ideas, interactive discussions, and promises of future collaboration continue to reverberate, symbolizing a collective commitment towards preserving cultural heritage in an inclusive manner.

The MuseIT workshop in Cyprus was a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, illuminating the path toward preserving cultural heritage and ensuring its accessibility for generations to come. The impact of this event will resonate in the ongoing journey of MuseIT and the broader mission of preserving our cultural legacies.

Pictures credits: Catalink Limited, ShareMusic And Performing Arts


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